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  • pbesong commented on seamster's instructable How to Make Easy Custom Imprints in Wood9 months ago
    How to Make Easy Custom Imprints in Wood

    cool instructable. as for painting, after carving this sign with a router, I spray painted it with red and black primer, then used a belt sander to remove the excess spray around the image and the letters (no need to mask off). then just blow out the sawdust and you can finish it any way you want. i just left it unfinished to make it look more rugged. the primer doesn't seem to bleed into the wood like regular paint might and it dries pretty fast.


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  • Mobile Planer Cart With Dust Collector

    nice. when i get a planer i'll probably do this. what might be nice would be a fold up infeed and outfeed table hinged on the front and back.

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  • pbesong commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt1 year ago
    Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt

    good tutorial. when i need to cut bolts I put 2 nuts on. this way i can clamp it with my vice to cut and then they both help to clear burs when i'm done cutting.

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  • pbesong commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 5 Ways to Print on Wood1 year ago
    5 Ways to Print on Wood

    thanks. this was really helpful. i'm going to try it with some polycrylic i have at home.

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  • pbesong commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Easy Table Saw Sled1 year ago
    Easy Table Saw Sled

    forgot to mention that instead of using a guage to measure the width and depth of the miter guage channel, I used the miter gauge itself to move the fence to the correct width for both cuts by placing it between the blade and fence. worked pretty well. you have to be careful cutting the depth since there wasn't much to push with at that point.

    great instructable. i just made one. I like the idea of adding plexiglass to the top. i'll do that when i can get a small piece. this was the first thing i made since i upgraded my old 70's Craftsman 113 table saw with a new Delta T3 fence. hoping to do lots of projects now that I have this. thanks for posting!

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  • pbesong commented on Attmos's instructable Say Goodbye to That Formica CounterTop!1 year ago
    Say Goodbye to That Formica CounterTop!

    yeah you can see my plastic putty knife on the floor in the last pic. i did use a brush underneath to try and get the drips, but they eventually reformed anyway. had to sand them off afterwards. again, super job on the countertops!

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  • pbesong commented on Attmos's instructable Say Goodbye to That Formica CounterTop!1 year ago
    Say Goodbye to That Formica CounterTop!

    I used this epoxy to refinish a dining room table for my father-in-law. It came out great, even though I'd never done it before. I have to echo your warning to follow the directions to a tee. When I poured it, I poured it in an ever increasing spiral and let the ridges flow together and used a disposable brush to make sure it covered evenly. It was more like encouraging it to flow in certain areas than it was brushing. I would also add that you really need to make sure the surface is completely level before pouring so it covers evenly. Then make sure you get the drips that will form as it runs off the edges. My father-in-law and his wife were ecstatic with the results. I just breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't muff their dining room table! :-)

    Oh and I used a plastic scraper, not a disposable brush. You just want to coax it to where you want it to flow. After it's all on, I took a heat gun (you can also use a propane torch) to go over the surface (not too close) and it will dissolve any bubbles that will invariable rise to the top of the finish. You'll do that right after you're done flowing the epoxy on. Nice job on the counter too. You did a great job!

    For some reason the final photo didn't upload, but here it is! :-D

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  • pbesong commented on chadmikell's instructable A Table from Discarded Wood Flooring2 years ago
    A Table from Discarded Wood Flooring

    nice job! you could also use automotive brake cleaner spray to clean the oil off the pipes. I guess you could use the flanges on the feet to adjust the height of each leg so it's level and doesn't wobble once it's put in its final place. probably doesn't matter on carpet if they're close, but may need some adjustment on hard flooring. thanks for posting.

    You might want to leave them adjustable. Not all floors are level and this would allow you to adjust as necessary. Sometimes a floor tile can be slightly higher than the one the leg on the opposite corner of the table is sitting on.

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  • pbesong commented on Thomas Workshop's instructable Wooden Natural Edge Shelf2 years ago
    Wooden Natural Edge Shelf

    nice job. I think i'd like it better with a glossy clear finish on it. might help it hold up better too. instead of the mounting brackets you made, it might look a bit nicer with invisible brackets like these flush wall mounts: trying to be critical. just some constructive criticism I guess. i really like the shelf. takes an artistic eye to spot something everyone else might have just walked by and make a feature piece out of it. kudos to you!

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  • pbesong commented on WoodPlusMore's instructable Articulated Utility Arm2 years ago
    Articulated Utility Arm

    Great idea. Would be cool to mount it on a track on the ceiling so it could be used in multiple locations.

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  • pbesong commented on bekathwia's instructable Lamps from Large Valves3 years ago
    Lamps from Large Valves

    very nice. you might consider using wire ties to keep the cord close to the valve just so it isn't hanging sideways. might improve the appearance. nice work, though!

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