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  • peinkc commented on lorenzo.canlas's instructable Hack Your BBQ Ribs!

    I didn’t seeany mention of removing the membrane from the ribs which should be done. It’s like a layer of skin that will preventthe rub from making contact with the meat. I live in Kansas City and the best ribs are cooked slow and low.

    I like the looks of your recipes and plan on giving them a try whenever Spring arrives.

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  • peinkc commented on ariellehein's instructable Mycelial Forms

    "absolutely essential that your workspace remain clean throughout this process". That's a deal breaker for me. I just wanted to say that your level of detail in the instructions was quite impressive.Good job.

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  • What I have been doing for a few years now is unhooking the flexible duct from the dryer and thensticking the electric leaf blower in the duct. You wrap a towel, rag. etc. on the nozzle of the leaf blower to fill thegap between the duct and the nozzle and hit the on switch and it’s pretty efficientcleaning out that duct all the way to the exhaust hood. You can shine aflashlight up the duct and see what a good job it does with the blow job. Thisis a child-free house so two/three times a year with a duct clean works forus.

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