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  • Hi,Thank you very much for sharing it. I'm curious about the compost from this system. Have you ever checked if it is pathogen free and safe to apply to the field? Or do you need the 2nd treatment like drying bed before you apply it to your field? Thanks.

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  • This sounds interesting!

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    • Use your tablet as Raspberry Pi screen
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  • Hi,It's up to your tablet. I didn't test how long battery lasted. But it doesn't consume battery so much, I feel.

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  • Hi,Thanks. Your comment is definitely a good addition for this post. It's roughly mentioned, I didn't know what to do. As you advise, setting password is must for security, I think. Also thank you for pointing out wrong description. I corrected "port#" as "display#".

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  • Thanks for nice remark. Yes, that'll work, I guess :) However, then phone battery and communication fee could be a concern for some people (and me). So I'm still trying to find this kind of technique available with minimum investment.

    Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry if it's confused you.Yes, you need a monitor at the beginning to check your IP. After that, you don't need it. I have a 22" monitor. I usually connect my laptop with it. I always work with my laptop but it's small, so it's not comfortable for me to work with it long time. So I didn't want to connect Raspberry Pi with the 22" monitor. Then I came up with this idea. Now I use the 22" monitor only for my laptop. Is that clear?

    Thanks for a nice remark. Yes I have. Today TV has HDMI input. So you can use it as a monitor. Unfortunately as far as I know, tablets don't have HDMI input (some has only HDMI "output" like my x80 pro).

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  • Hi Neal,Thanks for the remark. It would depends on your device because VCN viewer runs on your device. If you use a good one like iPhone7, it should be stable and comfortable to operate. The biggest limitation of this technique is both your device and Raspberry Pi have to be in a same WiFi network. I'm afraid that it would not work on Public WiFi. So mobility is also limitation.

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