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  • Build an Analog Vocoder

    Yes, in theory you could. I would space them out over the spectrum. I am currently waiting for some chips to be delivered for a new prototype which will make the whole build easier and also better sound. Perhaps in a couple of months there will be a new and improved version.

    You could eliminate most pots, however, since its experimental, I wanted to have control on a per channel basis.

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  • Build an Analog Vocoder

    Those are normalized jacks, which means that the connection exists until you connect something into it.

    I think just overkill... I wanted a very narrow band.

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  • Good point, I had not thought of that.

    Yes, that is the general idea.

    Yeah, the patch bay is full-normal, which means that they are connected from top to bottom when nothing is plugged in. The idea is you could transpose or invert the spectrum if wanted.

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