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  • DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

    I thought the bed is a good project...worthy of trying my hand at it. Plans were very good. Too bad about the SPAM which froze the screen, telling me that Samsung wanted to know I was a winner of $100.00........

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  • porschef commented on jessyratfink's instructable pulled pork recipe3 years ago
    pulled pork recipe

    Jeffc156 is so o telligent that his passive sgressive response was as far away from humourous as geometry will allow.

    Ammonia...raw ammonia in a garbage bag to clean dirty utensils. Have you given thought to a non stick spray. I suggest that before poisoning the family at the the next Sunday Roast Why not mapped the process and add some bleach as well?How do they live so long with ideas like that? are so insecure that you post a recipe of your own? Start your own blog. No one wants yours. Geez the English did not used to be so self centred ,stupid and rude. Buh bye now. Off you go.

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  • porschef commented on ambercollective's instructable How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance3 years ago
    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    Thanks so much for clarifying the West Virginia was in the US. I Googled it and you are right it is a state in the US. Statehood happened in 1863.

    You are a tender soul, aren't you?

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  • porschef commented on malka1's instructable How to sleep less but not feel sleepless3 years ago
    How to sleep less but not feel sleepless

    This is why Instructables is ridiculed. Pretentous un related comments. Pissing contests over who is smarter. Nothing in reference to the topic. The electronics "hacks" are often so poorly descripted and or diagrammed thay we in Electrical Engineering at a Technical University in Georhia cannot decide if the mistakes are deliberate or ignorance.We give them to under grads fir tbeir labs. Often the mistakes are very, very poor math or deliberate misinstruction.Just a group of petty, immature jack asses. Mist of you will grow up. But the few that don't...weak muscked, immature and arrogant will not get you through life with out painand fear. Grow up.

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