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  • preventec47 commented on Pikaubanitro's instructable Strip Canoe in Carbon3 years ago
    Strip Canoe in Carbon

    I need to build the same boat at a total weight of 30 pounds if possible with no loss of rigidity. Do you think it could be done if you were to use foam sheet strips instead of pine strips for the initial structure? Many of the same suppliers that sell carbon fabric also sell a variety of foams in different thicknesses and material properties. Here is an interesting tidbit of info..... if you double the thickness of the structure, the rigidity increases by eight times. So I am playing around with idea of using thicker foam sheets that might be the same weight as pine in strategic locations and vastly increase the strength. I plan to add wingsto my project and need to remain very very light to stay legal.

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  • Quick Skills #2: 5 Simple Knots for Survival Part 2

    The BowLine is a nice and useful knot but if you are going to bother to learn howto tie it you might as well learn the improved version which is more secure and easier to untie (less likely to Jam with heavy loads.). This improved version is called the Water-BowLineIf possible in this series of important knots, you should mention which knots weakenthe rope the least for important or critical applications.ea

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