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  • What is the 'mileage' on this antenna? My 'local' channels are 60 miles away,75 miles away and 97 miles away!;as the crow flies. Way back in analog days I had to use 14ft antenna 25ft up a pole which is giving me intermittent signal strength unless the weather is so bad as to make it foolish to have the TV plugged in at all lol Will these flat panel antennas improve my signal or not?

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  • Great recipe........I would use bacon-pepper jack or bacon -extra sharp cheddar LOL but that's just my palate talking^_^ Also I would add sugar to yeast then give it ten minutes or so to get growing then dump salt on their parade

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  • waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 70's you could get a craft box kit to make a small keepsake or jewelry box.The lid was recessed and the design was raised up with a plastic outline,over which you glued aluminum foil and pressed with the red rubber eraser on a #2 pencil lol Into the resulting valleys was poured/painted various coloured varnishes.That allowed the light to reflect off the foil and gave a faux stained glass effect.Years later I repeated this effect with a glue gun and Reynold's wrap tacked down with rubber glue and the same #2 pencil eraser.I also had luck using gold foil off of chewing gum that gave a softer look.......Spar polyurethane tinted with aniline dyes gives you deep and varied colours but you can repurpose the 'sun catcher' paints you get at the DOLLAR STORE

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