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  • Leaning Stool / Human Kickstand / Wobble Chair

    Having just built a standing desk last year, I had my eyes on the official human kickstand but didn't want to fork over the $100 to own one. Google DIY human kickstand and this Instructables popped up. Had a cane at home so the only thing I had to buy was the seat. Found one at my local Walmart and within minutes I had my kickstand. I substituted a lacrosse ball for the Quadpod. I drill out a 3/4" hole about halfway through the lacrosse ball and mounted it to the bottom of the chopped up cane and voila, DIY human kickstand! Thanks for the instructions! PS: thinking of replacing the lacrosse ball with an Ergocap® High Performance Crutch Rubber Tip pictured below. Another lacrosse ball is a heck of a lot cheaper but we'll see.

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