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  • I am talking about variations of the same box that was modified in this instructable. I found them by searching for "Lori Greiner Makeup box". They all look very similar except for the door trim and the number of compartments, so you may have seen them and not caught the differences.

    Looks to me like the manufacturer was getting continued request for bigger boxes!

    Here's an interior of a jewelry box. If you used this type you could use the earring racks to display small items or remove them for a bigger space.Here's a Video

    If you had multiples of the exact same box (every one has slightly different dimensions) you could probably mix & match to come up with your own unique combo.

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  • There are several variations of this box available or previously available. You can find some of the older ones on Ebay. There are makeup and jewelry boxes. the Makeup boxes are all similar except for trim and number of levels. Ditto the jewelry boxes. The main difference between makeup & jewelry boxes is that the top level of the jewelry boxes has several racks for earrings. Take a look at one of the jewelry boxes before you buy.

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