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  • raj chandra commented on glaorenza's instructable Joy Is Genetic
    Joy Is Genetic

    Thank u sir.. you did a great job. Genetic transfer is such a important process nowadays. Very few companies are trying to get into this matter but no one has got that desire success like World Precision Instruments archive with its system Micro-ePORE. The amount of success micro e-PORE got in that short period of time is commendable. You may visit WPI website to know more about it. Nevertheless thank you sir once again.

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  • Make Custom Cording

    nowadays optical fibers are needed everywhere. you can use it in transmission and also in medical science. you can make your own custom optical fibers from world precision instruments.

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  • How to Help a Pet Recover From Surgery

    very very nice video. being a veterinarian doctor i know how important is to keep your pet safe in the post surgery scenario. I always use best quality of stainless steel surgical instruments products from world precision instruments while operating them because i know these are the best i could offer. and i always suggest everyone to do the best possible thing at that time. nevertheless thanks for you video. you are an amazing person.

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  • Stitch Yourself Shut- Surgery at Home.

    nice.. you are doing a great job by creating awareness. i just want to say if you want to do this kind of stunts just use the good quality of instruments and stay safe. being a surgeon i always prefer instruments from world precision instruments and suggest you to check their website in case you need any kind of instruments to do this type of job.

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