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  • rayj0007 commented on Not_Tasha's instructable Intro to Glass Bead Making2 years ago
    Intro to Glass Bead Making

    I'm not sure this comment applies to this process. It depends on the chemical composition of the glass you are using. In some other glass working activities, eye protection should provide protection from the specific wavelength light given off by heated sodium. Sunglasses and even shade 5 welding protection does not provide sufficient protection. Please investigate this process and take action to protect your eyes from ALL possible hazards.

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  • How To Tie A Globe Knot (or any Turk's head-like knot)

    That's what I was looking for!!!! I'll have to take a look at the "Globe Knot Cookbook".Thanks very much for this and the length equation.

    How did you determine it would take 18 or 19 plys to cover the bowling ball? Is there an equation relating sphere diameter, cord diameter, to number of plys? For example if I wanted to cover a bowling ball with 1/2" cord, how can I calculate the minimum number of plys to assure coverage?Any equation relating the 3 variables would be helpful.

    Nice 'able. Are you aware of any formula for selecting cord size and/or number of "plys" and/or number of facets given a specified sphere diameter?Example of failures: The example globe knot made of 1/2" cord around a golf ball or the example cord size globe knot placed on a bowling ball.Any info would be appreciated.Just an FYI: Looking at "The Ashley Book of Knots" this might be considered a "Monkey's Fist" rather than a "Turks Head", based on application. There seems to be a lot of overlap between the 2 types.

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  • rayj0007 commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable Popsicle Stick Playing Cards3 years ago
    Popsicle Stick Playing Cards

    Fun idea, thanks for sharing. For wider sticks, you might look at a thing doctors used to use, they were called "tongue depressors". I don't know if they still use them, I haven't seen one in years. Maybe they just use them on children.

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