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  • 3D Printed MB Jeep and M416 Trailer in 1:10 Scale

    I ended up with 2 Kulak crawlers (long story) but one from eBay had different axels, the mounting screws for the knuckles are on raised pads. So the knuckle parts aren't even close to fitting. On the Kulak from Aliexpress it has the non-raised screw holes so the knuckles_rear part almost fits, the slot towards the crawler is too high. I will just fix the slot and make a right and left rear knuckle. I thought I should mention this for people who see this and try to build it, if the get the new axels they will have to make significant changes to the knuckles to get them to work. This is a fun project but being new to RC cars it takes me a while to figure out some of the steps (like the knuckle problem). When I get my Jeep finished I will try to post pictures.

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