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Your friendly neighborhood Software Engineer with an interest in...everything interesting! Projects range from computer software/hardware to woodworking...


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  • Very nice work, and that's what instructables is for, inspiring people to improve on existing ideas, and improve you did! I'm very happy to have been the inspiration for this amazing work!

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  • Wow, is some very pretty and impressive work!

    Hi, the decking has been on my boat for a little over 4 years now and it still looks good. This deck is normally shielded from the weather, so that helps. Removing something that has been epoxied will be difficult, especially on a fiberglass boat. If i remember correctly, there is also a company that sells a teak look-a-like rubberized system. You also glue this directly to the fiberglass, but it will withstand the weather better and will probably not need removing. This is, off course, not as much fun and as rewarding as doing it yourself :)

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  • Thank you, it has held up very nice over the years, we lightly sanded and then varnished it one year after the original instructable and we don't need any touch ups now. I will say it pays to invest in marine grade plywood, else water would get in the seams and destroy the wood.

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