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  • revmo21 commented on RobotMitchell's instructable Vinyl Grocery Basket
    Vinyl Grocery Basket

    This basket is such a great idea. So many uses. These would make great organizers in different sizes for different things. Wonder if there is a no sew way like gorilla glue/tape, Velcro, heavy duty staples, or something (fingers crossed). Maybe I can do that with left over boxes and make vinyl windows to see thru instead. I have clear backpacks and purses to get through security easier when I go places that don't allow bags and such over a certain size and obscured, so a clear tote bag. A clear resuable lunch bag, because why not. Also you could always go retro and just start covering all your furniture in that left over vinyl and only allowing people to sit there on holiday's and special occasions; kidding. I need to learn how to sew.

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