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  • I'm afraid that I have not had much experience in the use of fonts with this application. To see the fonts it knows about issue the following command in a terminal:convert -list fontThis will give you a very long list of the fonts it can handle. You can add a grep to the command such as convert -list font | grep ComicThis does not find anything with Comic (or comic).Maybe you can find a font that is closest to what you are looking for.

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  • rhackenb commented on rhackenb's instructable Lenz2 Wind Turbine

    I really can't give advice on something like this. As stated in the instructable, there was no generator connected to the blades. I was just experimenting with the vertical blades.

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  • rhackenb commented on bennelson's instructable DIY Solar Garage

    This is an excellent instructable. I just forwarded the link to Carmel (Indiana) Green Initiative which promotes home solar. My son just finished installing a 10 kW ground-based system with 34 300-watt panels with Enphase microinverters. In retrospect this was much more expensive to do because it required 8 footers in concrete with expensive 3 inch support pipes. It also required a 100 ft trench with 3 gauge wiring. A roof-mounted system would have been easier and cheaper but his roof is very steep and irregular. The State of Indiana passed a law last year that would end net metering unless you were grandfathered. He beat the Dec 31st deadline and is now grandfathered all the way out to 2047. BTW, he has a Nissan Leaf that he charges with the system. Great job!

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  • If there is a legal concern about labeling it "Speed Checked by Radar", you can simply have the numbers appear. No claim of what it is doing but people will get the picture. My guess is that it be sabotaged very quickly. Another alternative would be to have no display at all, just a photo, the speed, and a photo sent to you via wifi. You could present this evidence to the police if you need enforcement. This whole thing is problematic from a social aspect but neat technology.

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  • The straight lines inside the round sections of carboard are indicators of the angle the upright blades slide onto. .

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  • You might grab one chick and make its beak hit the nipple and experience the water. If it is thirsty, it will drink. Others should see this and copy.

    I found that within a minute they started pecking at the nipple because it was different and I think the red color attracted them. All you need is one to start and the others copy. Are they even trying it?

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