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  • richb77 commented on MissionSRX's instructable Warbirds Wood & Aluminum Bar3 months ago
    Warbirds Wood & Aluminum Bar

    I absolutely love this. I dont want a bar but it could easily be made into a desk or workbench. What a truly fantastic idea. Much kudos chap!

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  • richb77 commented on androkavo's instructable Wooden Digital Clock1 year ago
    Wooden Digital Clock

    Its not wood at all. Its textured vinyl. Depending on where you live it will be called different thing. DIY stores in Europe will have it called "Fablon" (a brand). Not sure elsewhere. Just be sure to clean the case with alcohol or dirt/grease remover first to make sure the adhesive lasts.

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  • richb77 commented on halledean's instructable Leather Underbust Harness2 years ago
    Leather Underbust Harness

    I suspect you have never heard of cosplay or steam punk then? I can see a lot of steampunk influence and can imagine a few cosplayers liking this.Personally i like it. Its a good instructable offering something difficult/impossible to buy.

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