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  • Make Custom Pegboard (3D Jig File Included)

    Where did you get the cactus & succulent paper you used in for the project? I am big into this decorating theme currently! Thanks.

    Fantastic idea about creating a custom made pegboard! I am in love with any opportunity to add customization to my projects especially when they will be used in various locations throughout the house. I also love that you included the Tinkercad program, that will make this project a lot easier and less expensive for me to do since I have a 3D printer at home, I can make the jig myself, and I have nearly all of the other supplies from all of my other summer organizing projects (thanks to the COVID lock down)! I will be purchasing the specifically made wood drill bits another commenter had spoken about, to hopefully help avoid any tear out and extra sanding work. Thanks again for the great ides!

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