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  • roadmanjim completed the lesson Sanding in the class Woodworking Class1 year ago
  • roadmanjim commented on velacreations's instructable Cheap and Easy Solar Heater2 years ago
    Cheap and Easy Solar Heater

    IngenuityAtWork,Great idea! I've played with the idea too. What stops me is the helio tracker. If the lens does not track the sun it will be far less effective. Just sayn'...

    I'm coming a little late to this discussion but I am agreeing with joelparks. If anyone has ever dropped a wet rock out of the river and seen it explode will know that "wet" rocks and rocks that have had time to dry out do behave differently.

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  • Reclaimed X Style Trestle Table | How to

    John, fantastic table and instructable! Thank you for sharing. One thing that I thought has to do with using reclaimed wood. Once, I took a wood working class because I did own the expensive equipment (plainer, joiner, etc) and the instructor said flat out, "No used wood!" because the blades were so expensive and hard to sharpen. Thoughts?

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  • roadmanjim commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Giant Knob Lamp2 years ago
    Giant Knob Lamp

    Jon, to get more light, you may consider making the lap "taller" so that there is more space between the wall and the base of the knob. I think that this would give more light without taking away from the theme. Make sense?

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