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  • rodrigonh commented on Chris Weatherford's instructable Arduino Morse Code3 years ago
    Arduino Morse Code

    I didnt checked it all but it seems that code for 'd' is wrong

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  • AVR High voltage programming (Fuses rescue)

    Ugh no no. It's not a transistor. It must be a 7805 :/ Thats what happens... with a board in hands... without the schematics... plus not feature in the reference link. Anyway... solved!

    Alright. From reference link and board layout I conclude: The first transistor is a PNP, it's collector goes to atmega pin 7 (VCC). It's useless ad it's base is always grounded. It will be probably hot (and die occasionally), because there aren't any transistor driving its base. I will just change this PNP to a wire jumper pin7->VCC like in the reference link. Anyway, thanks for the layout! Going to try resurrecting some atmegas in some minutes.

    Hello. I just etched the board. i use DipTrace and cant open the schematics. Was trying to solder parts anyway but: At first glance the first transistor looks like a PNP BJT; It's really a BJT PNP? If so... it's base is directly connected to power ground (so always saturated anyway?), and if it's a BJT: No resistor between base and ground, thats really very bad. So well maybe it's not a BJT, what part is that? I can see just a 2N3904 in the reference link . Thanks!

    There we go

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