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  • ronjohnstone commented on tomatoskins's instructable Compact Dust Collector5 months ago
    Compact Dust Collector

    Good job! There is a Cyclone you can add to your vacuum or, like yours, add it to a bucket used in conjunction with a separate vacuum but the lid costs about $25 and the actual Cyclone costs about $55 at Amazon.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on Mastering Me's instructable Easy Life-Saving Water Filter6 months ago
    Easy Life-Saving Water Filter

    “You want to useyour fire/ energy source to cook your food not boil your water!”Yes,but you surely will not cook food for 24 hours leaving lots of time to boilwater. To be safe with water that you “havemade”, always boil it A rule of thumbfor well water is that it requires 85 FEET of earth filtration to producedrinkable water that does not need further purification. 6 or 8 INCHES of filtration will net you waterthat is only somewhat cleaner than it was before. Catch rain water, melt snow or purify using asun powered water distilling rig to obtain safe water that can skip boiling.

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  • OccuPod - an Old Storm Drain Pipe Turned Into a Warm and Comfortable Living Space!

    Great to show a concept but absurd to actually produce these in this manner. Something like this could be semi-mass produced for a fraction of what this cost and in much less time and still be built by volunteers if the concept was finalized by a good design school.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on GFire's instructable Tool Restoration8 months ago
    Tool Restoration

    Vinegar is nothing more than a weak acetic acid that can be used in kitchens. You can purchase much stronger versions of acetic acid or, to really tackle rust, use a version of hydrochloric acid which attacks iron and rust efficiently. A diluted and much safer version is widely available as muriatic acid or swimming pool acid. Remember, ALWAYS add acid to water NEVER the other way or things could get very nasty very quickly, especially with concentrated acids. Also, never store unused acids anywhere near anything metal as fumes will escape and cause damage.If you have rust on something small or delicate, buy yourself a "fiberglass eraser" and use it to almost magically remove the rust. You will be amazed at how well they work.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on Mastering Me's instructable Easy Life-Saving Water Filter9 months ago
    Easy Life-Saving Water Filter

    What this post is describing is a depth filter that producesclean APPEARING water. It is composed ofgranules that are size graduated with coarse on top and fine at the bottom toremove big stuff like twigs first and small stuff like dust at the bottom. If it was the other way it would clog up veryquickly. This is what nature does incleaning up water in its journey from the surface to the aquifer. However, to achieve drinkable water, itrequires about 80 feet of slow filtration through the ground to do that.If you want to be safe when you make drinkable water,distill it or boil it. If you distillit, you can start with any quality “water”, contaminated or not. Urine or sea water would be fine. Just Google “Solar Water Distiller” for lotsof instructions.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on attosa's instructable Popcorn Kernel Jar Diversion Safe10 months ago
    Popcorn Kernel Jar Diversion Safe

    Good idea but I'd first put a bit of popcorn in just to cover the bottom, then insert the inside bottle and fill the periphery with popcorn. That will hide the valuables if the jar is tipped over as all they will see from any angle is popcorn.As most valuables are stored in the area of the bathroom/bedroom, you need a similar setup with a filling that is appropriate for there. Perhaps spray painting the inside bottle white, then using cotton balls as a filling?

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  • Beginners Guide on How to Polish Brass to a Mirror Finish

    I'm surprised you don't make mention of using a buffing wheel with polishing compound. For small items, it should be much faster than polishing by hand and will yield a good finish too.

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  • Massive Standing Desk With 2x4s and MDF Surface

    Nice but lots of wasted space underneath. A very simple way to gain storage with a big top surface is to simply buy kitchen base cabinets either finished, unfinished or used - arrange them, top with MDF or plywood and cover that with a sheet of Formica. The cabinets are available in many sizes so you can really customize your setup. Of course you could also build them if you have the time. Last time I did this I backed up two sets of 8' long by 2' deep cabinets to yield a 4 x 8' top working surface. It looked great and was just what we needed for a big surface and storage for the equipment.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on Easy Composites's instructable Resin Penny Floor Project!1 year ago
    Resin Penny Floor Project!

    When fully cured, a coating of clear, liquid non-slip floor wax will greatly help to preserve the surface and should be periodically renewed.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-401 year ago
    Unusual Uses for WD-40

    For cleaning computer keyboards, the trick is to not get the liquid into the keyboard. I have had great success by turning the keyboard (unplugged) upside down and then spraying a MIST of a cleaner such as Windex onto the surface, then scrubbing it, while upside down, with a soft bristle brush such as one you use on your hands and fingernails, then drying it with a soft cotton towel. If you missed any spots, spray the brush with Windex, shake it off and then scrub the missed spot and wipe off immediately. If that doesn't clean it satisfactory, you can escalate the cleaning by using a spray kitchen cleaner instead of Windex but you might remove the printing on the keys so test first, then final wipe with a damp cotton towel to remove the detergent residue. Remember, Mist not Spray!

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  • Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna

    AMAZING !!! I am 45 miles from San Francisco and have a big, amplified rooftop antenna as backup to Comcast. For the sheer hell of it I cut 8" from a piece of 75 ohm cable and replaced my house antenna line. It worked as well as my big antenna.What a great backup to have ready for when your cable goes down!

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  • Inexpensive Garage Lights From LED Strips

    NEVER,ever, completely trust double sticky tape to hold anything of value or willhave anything of value under it!Heatand age will weaken the bond with nasty results.I’dhave stapled the 3M tape every couple of feet as you can’t really get a goodbond to unsanded wood.Then, aftermounting the actual light strips (using Chinese double sticky) I’d recommendusing Tie-Wraps or similar every couple of feet around the beams to support thefinal assembly.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on -BALES-'s instructable The Pallet Coffee Table2 years ago
    The Pallet Coffee Table

    Very well written - both entertaining and technically excellent. Great job and well photographed too.

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  • Tomato Greenhouse for Pot Growing Tomatos

    In the U.S. A, garden stores sell “tomato cages” which aremeant to be placed around new plants so they will be supported as theygrow.Their shape is very much like whatthis gentleman has described if you use them upside down.Simply bury the round top of it under thesoil to support it and pad the smaller end so it does not puncture the plastic.Add the “tent” and you are good to go.Whatever support you use, be sure to have the bottom of the plastictent contained within the sides of the container to insure that thecondensation that forms on the inside of the plastic can run down and bereturned to the soil.This will make italmost self-sufficient for watering.

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  • The Ring of Fire: a Cheap Steel Wool Pyrotechnic Display

    One correction: it should be centrifugal force, not centripetal force as swinging it sends the sparks away from the center, not toward it.I'd also add a pair of goggles to the list of necessary items as any breeze may send those red hot pieces of metal into your eyes. A bucket of water would be good too.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on mrstan's instructable Plastic Repairs (Gas Tank Example)2 years ago
    Plastic Repairs (Gas Tank Example)

    This should be a model for writing an instructable. Well done!

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  • Finger-Licking Brussels (for People Who Hate Brussels)

    Boil them for about 6 minutes, then when you follow this recipe they will all be done at the same time, regardless of size.

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  • Basic Wood Veneering Techniques Made Easy!

    Absolutely excellent advice, many thanks!

    Why use veneer tape, which necessitates using water to remove it which will raise the grain and then necessitate sanding, when you could use painters tape which comes off clean without water?

    No, never tried doing veneer although I have a sheet of it to repair a table that is missing some veneer. Just haven't gotten around to it. For pressing small pieces of veneer I'm thinking of using a very sturdy plastic bag such as found in a 5 liter bag of wine, filled with warm water to apply even pressure over about a square foot area. Seems much easier than clamping and it won't damage the frame.

    You are, of course, absolutely correct not to use "sticky tape" in conjunction with a hot press as it would most probably cause staining/finishing problems. But, for cold pressing, it would certainly be easier and worth at least a test with scrap materials.

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  • Fixing Frosted Chalked and Faded Headlights

    RAIN-X is another sealer that contains Siloxanes. I use it on all my car windows, eyeglasses, plastics, etc. Absolutely amazing stuff. It makes water just fly off windshields when you drive and your glasses stay cleaner and easier to clean when they do get smudged.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on jessyratfink's instructable pulled pork recipe2 years ago
    pulled pork recipe

    Dawn Power Dissolver has apparently been discontinued by P&G but available on line from EBAY but will cost you about $25/bottle. Try GoJo Orange Hand cleaner. The pumice abrasive wears out quickly but it is miraculous for cleaning ovens.

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  • Modern Stainless Steel Home Numbers DIY

    Something missing from the link address as it does not work.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap2 years ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    They absolutely hate clothes dryer sheets! If they are flying near your home, try hanging new dryer sheets to make them stay away and hopefully die in these neat traps.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner2 years ago
    DIY Air Conditioner

    Buy a portable air conditioner at a moving sale in the winter when folks get rid of them at dirt cheap prices. I've bought 9000 BTU units for as little as $15. They work wonderfully well in cooling a room.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on wordsnwood's instructable Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork2 years ago
    Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork

    Why not simply stretch the design smoothly over a stiff backing, cover it with glass and insert into a frame? Edge glue a sheet of quite damp kraft paper to the back to keep out bugs and the package should last forever.

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  • ronjohnstone commented on Paige Russell's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda2 years ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

    DEAD BUGS: If you have a bunch of dead bugs impaled on the hood or windshield of your car, simply wet them and add baking soda to a wet sponge and wipe. They will quickly soften and easily be rinsed away. It will, however, remove any wax you had on the car so reapply it.To make it even easier, before you go on a ride in the country, put a coating of wax on your car but don't polish it off. This trick will then have the bugs sticking to wax instead of paint, so just wipe off and then polish what is left of the wax.

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  • Remove Seized & Stripped Screws from Motorcycle Engine Covers

    If you insert your screwdriver exactly into the screw head, then give it a good rap with a hammer, you will drive it fully into the screw head and also shock the entire length of threads to help separate the screw from the casing. When all else fails, try to grab the head with a Vise Grip plier, really biting into the head, then try to turn it.

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