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  • DIY Spray Bed Liner for Jeep Interior

    Looks really nice, and a great idea. Here's a tip rusty bolts, picked up while working on a 50 year old tractor. The cheapest (and quite likely, the best) rust cutter is a 50/50 mix of regular automatic transmission fluid and acetone. I've seen lab tests where ATF/acetone worked better on rusty bolts than any of the commercial products. I keep it in a pumper oil can, and add a little acetone if it's been sitting a long time.

    Glad you find it useful. That's what sites like this are really about, right?

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  • Homemade Aircraft for Under $1000 (FlugTag Style)

    I guess I missed the fact that you're shrinking the entire covering; I thought from the text that you were just activating the adhesive, so I assumed that over the ribs was what mattered.Having said that, when covering a full size aircraft with dacron, an iron is *always* used to shrink the fabric, to maintain proper temperature control on the fabric. (Required to avoid under/over-tensioning.) On a roughly 5' x 15' wing, the heat shrinking with an iron takes an hour or two. Probably the least time consuming part of the covering process. (Just assisted in recovering the wings on a Kolb Twinstar.)

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