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  • Pineapple Beer - How to Make Tepache (Mexican Pineapple Beer)

    Right at the beginning of your brew :-)To better your results, before adding the yeast to the brew add it in a separate bowl of warm water and brown sugar. stir it up and let sit for 20 minutes your yeast will start growing rapdily. add that then to your brew and seal it up. make sure you add enough sugar so the yeast can thrive and you'll be live with a great tasting alcoholic beverage that leaves a nice buzz :)

    To make sure you get carbonation: 1. Make sure you've added yeast at the beginning of the brew, one teaspoon of brewers years or baking yeast will do.2. Make sure the container you are brewing in is airtight. If foreign bacteria get in they may grow and it goes bad, yeast can't thrive and thus no proper fermentation.3. Make sure to have at least 1-2 cups of sugar per gallon of water. Yeast uses this up.4. Don't let it sit too long. Once the sugar is used up ( after a week max ) the yeast will use the alcohol as it's energy source leaving a very acidic tasting bad brew.

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