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  • sddennis commented on Goodmornin's instructable Lego Arcade Game Box2 years ago
    Lego Arcade Game Box

    You did a heck of a job. My kids grew up with Lego and are just now getting old enough to program. But they are thinking that programming is pretty mundane compared to the video games they play and imagine making. Something like this would be just perfect for them. I'm glad you did this project, and hope you do more like it. Cheers

    Pretty cool and innovative. The Microduino website doesn't seem to offer these parts for sale, so I presume this was a review. If all goes well, it should fit a niche for younger programmers to grow out of regular Lego to automated Lego devices. Great ideas, and a very interesting project.

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  • sddennis commented on JunezRiyaz's instructable How to Make PCB Using Marker2 years ago
    How to Make PCB Using Marker

    Excellent project. That is by far the simplest method I've seen. Is there a good open-source (free) program available for the circuit layouts? Well done.

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  • sddennis commented on Jean0x7BE's instructable OLED i2c display with arduino2 years ago
    OLED i2c display with arduino

    Just did it. Thanks for the information. You are spot on about the address 0x3C.One more thing: there is a glitch in the 128x64 i2c example, before the Setup section, there is a static char bitmap. You must add const on the line just before static in order for it to compile. The error message is pretty clear but it bears mentioning.Keep up the good work!I really want to see more ways to use this display. There seems to me no real manual..

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