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  • Outfeed Table for Dewalt Table Saw for $10 (includes plans)

    Wasted 10$ and a few hours on this. Dude, your diagram shows the measurement from the inside off the hook to be 3" 5/16. I used the diagram to measure and cut all of the pieces. When I put the pieces onto the saw, something was clearly wrong. Went back and read the instructions and found this: "TAKE NOTE: the height from the inside top of the hook to the upper edge that the table will sit on must be 2 13/16"" - This is NOT consistent with your diagram at all. Bummed.

    as is, the top of the frame piece is flush with the saw's table, so with another 1/2" on top of it, it will be too high, and I don't have any real good way to trim the long edge of that piece without F'ing it up.

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