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  • Seriously, that is the cutest apron I have ever seen! So pretty and creative with your imagination. Clever!! Directions are great and you really went the extra mile with your pics. One can tell you had it all thought out in advance to get those pics. A "Thinker" if ever. Thank you so much, I really had fun with this Instructable!!

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  • sheplady77 commented on Mark Montano's instructable Glass Jar Makeover

    Really pretty! Nice job. You made me want to do it. I can see mine soon!!! Only thing I would change would be bolting handles on instead of gluing cuz I have a terrible tightening on lids. The handles would be gone soon. lol

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  • Great job, Danger is My Middle Name! I especially like the idea of using shade netting. I had one of those outdoor picnic area 10 X 10's once upon a time and it really kept the heat in, as well as almost tearing completely up with wind. All I wanted was the shade. This is a great idea, thank you!

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