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  • sl0j0n commented on Buck_802's instructable Simply Sinful Smoked Cheddar2 years ago
    Simply Sinful Smoked Cheddar

    OK, here's an idea; Look into an electric smoker, like the Luhr Jensen "Little Chief" electric smoker; When dad & I smoked salmon, we found that it didn't get that hot, at least at the top. Should work for you in the shade.

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  • sl0j0n commented on diy_bloke's instructable Mini weather station with Attiny853 years ago
    Mini weather station with Attiny85

    Hello, "diy_bloke":I was very interested in this when I 1st saw it, but as I read it I realized the error; "temperature will also not be above 100 degrees".In my area in summertime, temp is often above 100° F.Did you mean 100° C?MTIA,sl0j0n

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  • sl0j0n commented on noveldork's instructable Double Fermented Kombucha3 years ago
    Double Fermented Kombucha

    Hello, "rosemaryknits":Not necessarily so, since some municipalities use a form of chlorine that does *not* 'boil out'.Can't remember the name, but it's *not* the same as regular chlorine, so it's much safer for the water dept. people.Just not nearly as safe for you.

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  • sl0j0n commented on chrisnotap's instructable Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap3 years ago
    Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

    Hello, "Him Again":AFAIK, you need the right 'bait', money and/or power are the usual supects.

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  • How to build a Safe and Strong Baby Gate

    Hello, all.1ST:I know this is old & all that, but some facts never change.2ND:The PVC used may not contain 'dioxins', *BUT*, does it contain 'plasticizers'?Those compounds are carcinogenic, hazardous, poisonous, and toxic.[AFAIK, *ALL* "plastics" contain 'plasticizers', added at the time of manufacture.]The plastics companies have always claimed that their ingredients & processes are proprietary, so they wouldn't have to reveal what poisons are in their products."Plastics" are a nightmare of industrial pollution, and the source of many so-called "endocrine disruptors".PLEASE, be *VERY* careful exposing children to them.Have a GREAT day, Neighbors!

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