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  • slinman commented on's instructable Cat House1 year ago
    Cat House

    my stray is still getting used to us-there is no way I could catch him, hold on to him, and hope we'd all survive.

    I can't wait to make one tomorrow! We r taking care of a very skittish male stray that only shows up for feedings - unless he is wandering around at night and we don't know. The weather is bitter right now (12 degrees) and I am worried sick about him. I have heat bulbs in a storage room propped open, makeshift beds, food, water. I know he's eating the food, water, but no evidence he's in a bed. Both beds have the automatic warming pad. Im not sure he has sense enough to try the bed! I'm making myself sick worrying about him. Maybe this new approach will help. Thank you all so much!

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