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  • soundcloset commented on dnhandcrafted's instructable Easy Wooden Butter/Spread Knives8 months ago
    Easy Wooden Butter/Spread Knives

    For a simpler, one or two day project for my middle-school shop kids, great idea! We'll sometimes add a layer of contrasting wood for the handle end, and I use Watco Butcher Block Oil on them for food safety. Lots of energetic conversations online about wood toxicity, and informative charts, but as long as the final item has a food-safe finish and is kept clean, there you go, for most species. They're certainly beautiful and a great simple useful gift!

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  • Give a New Life to an Old Motorcycle! How to Build a Cafe Racer

    Nice job! I just finished getting a bobbed-and-given-up-on 1987 K100. Not quite where I want it to be yet, but great fun to be back on two wheels after a while off. Right after I get compliments and "Gee, I used to have one of those..." I get, "Now get rid of the instrument cluster!" I'll go back and read for details now -- thanks for the article!

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