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  • Aw.. come on guy, be reasonable. ICIOTTI, is absolutely correct.And no one stores Li-ion batteries along with food storage. That is DUMB.A spot welder is EXPEMSIVE, and many in Asia cannot afford that kinda funds.Where are you from, anyway?Now , don't get mad at me, alright?If you retort , it only means, you know nothing.Take care. Bye.

    LCIOTTI, don't waste time with these people.Let the battery explode and cause property damage.But,do not correct them, they'll not understand, it's the vain EGO.

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  • Thanks much, Happydupa.Very very inspirational and very similar to GREATSCOT's project.By going through yours and GREATSCOT's description, I am taking up this project, sooner. At first, the Power Supply will be through an old 400W (PC) PSU and then later convert the PS to 12V DC storage Battery and Solar Charger.Once again, many thanks for inspiring me and many others, to take up the project.Cheers.

    Thanks for the tip.I had this thought, too , but it remained as thought and stagnated !8But now, seeing yours, I'm like, hey there are people who think alike and I must start the procedure.Thanks, NiklasT5

    indeed !

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  • OsterAC,A battery charger is always 12Volt., with 2Amp and 10Amp output respectively. There are smaller Battery Charges also. But we are speaking about Battery Charger related to the procedure, described by this Auther.So, coming back to your curiosity, please assume, that the Author i.e.: Cheese Queen was using a 12 Volt battery Charger @ 10Amps.Please thank the Author as most people have already done.Thank you, OsterAC

    Thank you for the Instructable. Very informative, very educational and useful.Will try this experiment, this week.Cheers.

    Thank you, Chief. That was interesting to read and understand.

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  • Thank you for the well written project report.It is very encouraging to read and put the idea to work.I will be ordering the LED strips tonight itself and go about it. I am also a person who believes in Light and lots of it.Instead of Scotch tapes, I may use Cable Ties every 30.5cm. Transperant CTs are available. CTs will not be visible.Thanks once again.Happy New Year.Sincerely,Kumar

    lol and several lols. Please be nice.

    Dear Firesign,LED or Light Emitting Diodes do not emit any RF.They also do not emit Infra-Red emission.It's safe, cool to touch and use low volts for operation.

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  • hello Scot,Further to my comments below, I am very much interested in DPS 5315 Komplettbausatz. Pleas help me to obtain a used and working DPS 5315, at your convenience.Kindly respond to the following address as, I will not be monitoring instructables often.kjdxb@icloud.comI'd much appreciate that.Thanks and best regards.Sincerely,KJ Kumar

    Hello Scot,I have always enjoyed, reading and understanding your projects.When you explain the project, it is like an educational instruction. Well explained in such a way that may be understood by any one, even for a novice. Thank you and please do more projects in the future.By the way, I would like possess a Dual-Power-Supply DPS 5315, like you have.I don't mind a used one. Please let me know.

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