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  • stever_sl commented on Willys36's instructable Custom Car Bubble Top

    I'm powerfully curious - what did it cost to have the 2 clear tops made?

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  • Amazing project, but please use a dust mask when you're cutting and drilling wood or plastic. I damaged my own lungs by not doing that when I was younger, and now I wish I'd listened to all the warnings people tried to give me. Anyway, this gives me some ideas for add-ons for my stained glass workbench. I've been wondering where to put the soldering irons, glass cutters, rolls of copper foil tape, and various chemicals - I think an enlarged version of your screw box holders will be ideal for that!

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  • My "hopeless" orchids are sort of the exact opposite of the one you show. They often still have leaves, but no viable roots at all - just dried-up hollow brown ones. This happens no matter what medium I use, and I think I've tried them all. The ones that grow white/greenish air roots generally do OK, but the others don't, even with the full treatment you describe. Rarely will they put out new air roots. I've had modest success with full water culture on a few orchids, but even that seems to keep things going only until a good healthy set of air roots can develop. Do your "rescued" orchids become healthy enough to bloom?

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  • Interesting discussion, may I chime in? I had occasion once to be at a place that sold welding gases and I saw one of their people on the loading dock smoking a cigarette right next to a full cylinder of oxygen. I said something to him about the danger, and after giving me a disgusted look he held the cigarette right next to the valve and cracked it open. All that happened when the cigarette was exposed to pure oxygen gas was that it burned much more quickly; the surrounding oxygen didn't ignite or anything despite the intense heat of the exothermic reaction with the flammable organic stuff in the cigarette. Kind of like this:

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