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  • Etch a Circuit Board With Kitchen Supplies

    They do stick and you need to soak the board in water. Still it's OK. I have bought a ton of photographic paper at give away prices. People bought the paper think that it was a great idea to print pictures at home until the discovered the costs involved. So fto the Salvation army, Good will and yard sales.

    Great article. I will link it to my web page. Just one thing. I use inkjet photographic paper ( yes) in my old HP laserjet. I never had an issue.

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  • DIY Powered Pedal Board with Input Jacks

    I found a fascinating way to fasten my pedals. Check it out on my page.

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  • stew1950 commented on josemivaz's instructable Laser Printed PCB's, Perfect and Easy.2 years ago
    Laser Printed PCB's, Perfect and Easy.

    I recently got an old HP 1012 for free and tried using laser photo paper. It would not get pulled throught the machine. Then I read an article that suggested ink-jet photo paper. Bingo! I still keep an etch resist pen to correct any errors. Great article. I got lots of ink-jet paper at Yard-Garage sales. People soon realize that printing photos at home is NOT cost effective.

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