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  • stoobers commented on WorkshopWizard's instructable DIY Metal Etching
    DIY Metal Etching

    What kind of respirator is this? Something chlorine proof? What do i ask for at the hardware store?

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  • DIY Helping Hands Soldering Station

    Is the outer coil necessary or does it just class things up?

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  • stoobers commented on ugarxfish's instructable PVC Chicken Waterer
    PVC Chicken Waterer

    1 cup for 10 chickens, so 2 cups. If hot outside a chicken will drink 1 quart per bird per day. So plan that 15 chickens will need 4 gallons per day. 5 gallons to be safe.

    Each little cup has a yellow bobble in it. The chicken pokes the bobble & water refills the cup. The bobble is hooked to a valve that lets water flow in & refill the cup. It is beak activated.

    Buy an electric kettle. Boil a full pot of water then dump the water on the little cups until melted. Dump the rest in the water tank.

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  • stoobers commented on ludionis's instructable How to Hack a Crockpot!
    How to Hack a Crockpot!

    To make this legal and safe, change the female cord cap to a female twist lock and the male cord cap on the crock pot to a male twist lock.Or hook the male crockpot plug to the dimmer directly so you can't reuse the dimmer & it becomes permanent. Also that switch needs a box like a 4 square or single gang handy box. And you need to use wire nuts. Solder alone is not a legal means of connection for an electrical joint.Then its legal & safe.

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  • Do you have a trick to light a single charcoal briquette? It takes 1 match to start a forest fire, 300 matches to light a barbeque...

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  • You don't need this. You can just add a fan, or reduce the secondary windings & add a 3rd transformer in series.

    Mine looks like its 12 gauge aluminum, but it could be 15 gauge aluminum.

    Drop the turn on each transformer secondary, & then add a 3rd transformer in series.

    This is good voltage, but osha considers voltage above 40 to be a shock risk so its best to remove some turns & get them under the 40 mark.

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  • Mod Podge is water proof (ish) when it dries (it dries clear), but school glue will quickly dissolve if it gets wet. If you use titebond 2 instead of white glue, you will have a food and water safe bond (though a little yellow). modpodge is the one to use if you need a clear drying and water resistant glue.

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