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4CommentsMojave Desert
Been a DIYer and instructor/trainer most of my life. I learned that I couldn't teach others unless I was teachable because that allowed me to connect with other's learning process. I am still learning and when I Instruct others I give credit for what I have learn to GOD and the person who taught me.
  • Reversible Fleece Face Mask

    Just asking for a friend. lol Do you wear and reverse it and wear it again before you wash it???

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  • straykat commented on IanCharnas's instructable Invisibility Shield
    Invisibility Shield

    WHERE IS WALDO???Nice instructable. Above my shops level of tools. one thing, I hope my wife doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for them... <(*;*)>

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  • straykat commented on ceciljohns's instructable Air Compressor Dryer

    A little advise on using Plastic Filters and other items not designed to be use with air pressurized system. PVC pipe, Water filters, and and other such items are dangerous, when they explode they send shrapnel of sharp plastic flying in every direction with extreme force. It is not worth the money you might save I someone is injured or worse. Check local building and safety codes and they will tell you why. Personally I wouldn't take the gamble. Just my .02

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