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  • But there have been cases in the US already.

    Why do you say it's not due to sunscreen? Maybe the higher class didn't tan, but there were plenty of people in the sun. Maybe not full body exposure, but most people these days have skin cancer on the face it seems. I don't know... I still don't like putting nasty ingredients on my skin, and I have read that the palmitate a in sunscreens, is a chemical vitamin a, and your skin with vitamin a on it should not be exposed to the sunlight because it can increase cancer cells.

    It is a pesticide. They now know that some diseases like ALS can be from pesticides, and other toxins around us. DEET may not kill you on contact, but it's not totally safe. There are people who can smoke for 40 years and be fine, others not. Why would you argue about this on their person's post. That is rude and inconsiderate. No one asked you to post your opinion, and we all have them. So next time, please keep it to yourself.

    Also, MOST sunscreens contain vitamin A, which is oxidizes with light, which in turn may cause cancer. The vitamin A in sunscreens is called Palmitate A.

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