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  • DIY Plug-in Scented Oil Air Freshener Refill

    Just because something is from the Earth as you put it doesn't mean it was "made" with you in mind or for your benefit. Its astounding that still some proclaim one form of the naturalistic fallacy or another. Which century is this again.If you insist on a counterargument, there are plenty of poisonous plants out there, and minerals, which are also from the Earth and from which the "evil" chemicals are extracted. As to eastern medicine and philosophy in general, it is based on centuries of trial and error but still manages to be almost entirely bunk, as is the case with anything which is never properly questioned or verified but taken on faith.

    I have the same problem with most perfumes, they are getting stronger and stronger each year. Not just personal cosmetics but all kinds of products use increasing amounts of fragrance, to create the appearance of working more effectively. Guess subtlety is no longer in demand. What is worse people lack consideration in this regard. They will be embarrassed and shame anyone who smells of sweat even a bit on a warm day, or garlic or releases even a low intensity fart, but they have no problem going around town smelling like a Turkish whore or an Armenian gigolo.With that said, some lavender oil for the closet might be better than moth balls, and the door stays closed.

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