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  • Poor Man's Californian Snowball

    I got lost in all of the technical explanations, but am intrigued. I see that if I ignore the technical jargon there is a specific recipe that I can follow to achieve the result, but I will have to extrapolate that myself from your explanations. Will it achieve the same results if I use larger volumes of the ingredients in the same proportions? Thank you for sharing.

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  • Leather ETextile Breadboard Bracelet and Continuity Tester

    wearable tools is a good idea. would be interesting to see a functional multimeter of similar design. good job! thanks for your contribution.

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  • Deck of Cards in a Bottle (It's a puzzle!)

    although I doubt that any water was used for this particular impossible bottle, I would guess that that is the 'solution' to getting a sealed deck inside a bottle.

    hey now I hadn't thought of that... a couple well placed shaped charges just might create the forces necessary to force an object through the neck of the bottle. I mean, ive seen a piece of hay straw sticking through a tree after a tornado before, so why not!!!??? lol

    its interesting and certainly a brain teaser type of challenge, but it seems it would get tedious placing all the cards back in the box, especially trying to manipulate them inside the bottle with various tools. still, great to inspire some creative 'outside the box' thinking, if youll pardon the pun. good job on the instructable though. I just don't have the inclination to put that much effort into it, but others might.

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  • Mini Swords for non-forge owners

    interesting hobby. would make decent gift for fantasy fans. would be interested to see a completed rapier with the exquisite hand guards. consider it a challenge (lol). dare ye pick up the gauntlet I throw at your feet? imaginative and well written. difficult to think of any practicality for them, but like I said, its an interesting hobby, and I rather like the idea of them, just cant figure out what id DO with them lol. well documented steps though. thank you for your contribution.

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  • Simple Cat Feeding Toy

    I'm gonna try this for my kitty, but I'm thinking shes going to do like you suggest, look at me for a minute like, 'what the heck am I supposed to do with this!?' then turn around with a decided air of indifference, excepting, perhaps, a subtle yet pointed (if such is possible) swish of her tail at me... still, she might like it... maybe... lol.

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  • A simple funny physics experiment

    the downward force of motion of the liquid before it has reached the bottom of the container is combining with the return force of the vibration of hitting the surface. Although probably not noticeable so, the vibration is amplified by the 'shaped charge' effect of being contained in a higher pressure environment (the neck of the bottle) exploding into a lower pressure environment (the body of the bottle) and the discharge of air around the liquid dissipates circumferentially around the liquid burst in the center, keeping it centered in the bottle, relative to the angle of impact, as that would also affect the angle of vibration... well, that's my guess anyway lol... interesting experiment, thanks for sharing.

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  • How to make a powerful Dremel Tool

    regardless of the definition of 'powerful', it is not only an interesting hack, but a semi useful project that someone might do to learn life hack skills such as working with epoxies and glue as well as some basic soldering skills, at the conclusion of which they have a tool of their own making sufficiently suitable for such tasks as model assembly or layout patterns for flat pack templates. Its all what you make of it... if there is not power in these lessons, then perhaps I am misunderstanding the meaning of power

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  • How to Customize Your Tool in Minutes With Pop Rivets

    having the heads against the body side would not be recommended anyway, as you might find yourself doing some unnecessary deburring or the heads where the aluminum shaft of the rivet was pulled through and cut off. With the heads outward, this would not create such a problem.

    ***of the heads. -edit

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  •  Small Bench

    no disrepectemente, in englaise, merci boque? non parlay francias, excuse moi.

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  • Jar Candle With Strings

    cool string project. 1 vote.

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  • How to clean and upgrade your locker!

    I'm a long time out from school and lockers and whatnot, but still a bit organizationally challenged, at least as regards my environment. Tips like these are sure to serve me well, and I could have certainly used such advice a long time ago... thanks.

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  • Handcuffs Made from a Suitcase

    pretty tricky, ricky! i enjoy steampunk inspired works, but especially when functional, not just aesthetically similar. cool instructable

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  • Portable A/C

    couldn't you have simply drilled through the side of a chest cooler and mounted the inverter to the side of the cooler? holes could be drilled into the lid for your warm air intake, and a small fan(perhaps out of an old pc) could be mounted over the discharge hole in the side of the cooler for cold air output. perhaps some baffles would need to be installed to direct airflow from warm to cold ports, but it seems that this would save steps and labor without reducing the effect of the final product.

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  • Pair O' Stools With a Pair O' Tools

    because of your project parameters I understand that the following suggestion does not apply specifically to your project, but I would recommend using the platform of the seat (per this design) as a mounting platform for another seating surface that is fastened from underneath or even connected to a swiveling (lazy susan) platform. Securing a second seat from underneath will prevent possible discomfort of sitting on the rounded head of the carriage bolt. But, if youre more like me, odds are that the stools would be used as impromptu saw-horses, work tables or other such, and the flat surface is definitely preferable to the round head bolt in the middle. nevertheless, nice job, and attainable for anybody if they take the time and follow your directions. thanks.

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  • How to Make a Reusable Tube

    using multiple tube caps, a person could cut different simple shapes in the top of the caps and use it for icing cakes or other decorative functions (shaped plaster bead, maybe?). anyway, good idea, thanks.

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  • Bread Cornucopia Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    You can spray a finished bread product with lacquer or 'clear coat'. It seals the bread and helps prevent absorption of moisture, and it wont attract pests and vermin, as the sealant renders it inedible.

    That is a beautiful edible centerpiece and quite original. I think I may use this idea this coming T-giving to send out as gifts. Thank you for your participation.*The Oracle of Ampersand* (the Seer of And)

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  • 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

    Well... I feel stupider (that is a word isn't it? lol) for reading the last half of the COMMENTS section. I was going to suggest a blower for a DIY forge (incidentally, I use a repurposed vacuum for mine), but somebody else already said that, so the only criticism I have to offer is: ORANGE Nails???? Really???? 8D!

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