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  • theoldguy commented on Phil B's instructable Sharpen Your Drill Bits

    Freehand sharpening. Hold the shortest thickness at the point vertical. angle the drill up and down WITHOUT turning it.The skill is in the angle of the drill to the vertical. If you go all the way to horizontal you have no clearance. And remember the two main things. 1 keep the shortest part of the web at the tip vertical and 2. Don't turn the drill at all when grinding just change the vertical angle.

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  • Vodka can also be used as a paint remover for water based paints. After all it is basically Ethanol, the dried paint will wrinkle and you can wipe it off. I've also used it to remove water stains on a French Polished table.

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  • Nice try Brian but spec'd is a contraction for specifications

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  • theoldguy commented on Kreat0r's instructable Glass Cutter by Kreat0r

    Seems like a lot of effort just to cut a bottle. We used to use cut off bottles at work and we would fill a bottle to the height we needed with oil. Then put a hot rod through the neck and into the oil. In 2 or 3 seconds the glass always cracked clean at the top of the oil. We then flamed the top to melt the sharp edge. These days I just use a peanut butter jar.

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