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  • thorlick commented on toothmeister's instructable Plaster Trap2 years ago
    Plaster Trap

    I had one of those in my pediatric dental office for 30 years. Back then the identical unit cost about $20 from a dental supplier. I cleaned it out every ten years whether or not it needed cleaning. Seriously, if you wait that long you will have a disgusting mess to deal with. Be sure to pick (at least) one day each year to remove and clean or replace this thing and don't forget. I suggest you put a reminder on the calendar or into your electronic office management system.Another thing I found helpful was to cut two pieces of 2 X 4 wood to put under the bucket... that makes it easier to install and remove. Also remember that the trap is just like a P trap, it is full of water. Be careful how you remove it or you will have a smelly dirty spill!Terry

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