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  • Here's a listing of all the machines that the MM55 gasket set will fit:Machines this part fitsStihl FC 55 EdgerStihl FC 55 Z EdgerStihl FC 55-DZ EdgerStihl FS 45 BrushcutterStihl FS 46 BrushcutterStihl FS 55 BrushcutterStihl HL 45 Long Reach HedgetrimmerStihl HL 45 Z Long Reach HedgetrimmerStihl HL 45-DZ Long Reach HedgetrimmerStihl KM 55 C-E EngineStihl KM 55 EngineStihl KM 55 R Z EngineStihl KM 55 RC-E DZ EngineStihl KM 55 RC-E EngineStihl KM 55 RC-E Z EngineStihl KM 55 R-DZ EngineStihl KM 55C EngineStihl KM 55R C EngineStihl KM 55R EngineStihl MM 55 C-E Z Multi Tool EngineStihl MM 55 Multi Tool EngineStihl MM 55-Z Multi Tool EngineHave a happy Memorial Day!

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