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  • tim Rowledge commented on deba168's instructable Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station 2 years ago
    Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station

    Sure.I'm a touch puzzled to notice that the `delay(1000)` at the end of your loop() is commented out. Does the Blynk library force a delay?Anyway, assuming you uncommented that line you would have a busy wait for a second, which uses power as if running normally. If you delete that and replace it with `ESP.deepSleep(10 * 60 * 1000000);` you would have a "go into deep sleep for 10 minutes" which shuts down everything except a tiny countdown clock. When that runs out it tickles the D0 pin and if you have connected that to the RST pin it wakes up the system and reboots. You can see my weather station code at and download the ESP part of the code with

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