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  • timtak commented on Daniel Stabile's instructable Pinwheel Coin Pouch
    Pinwheel Coin Pouch

    We had a Sonia Rykiel patent leather wallet with the square version of this (only four flaps) but it was really useful since it would open up, like this one, to let you see what coins we had. I lost it. I am looking for the name. The square type is unlikely to be called a pinwheel coin pouch/purse. The "origami coin purse/pouch" naming, that the OP suggests, has a lot of hits for the square type on Google image search. Maybe one day I will be able to find an Origami Sonia Rykiel wallet on ebay. Thank you.

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  • I am not sure why you need playdough. Can't you just make the first half mold using plaster? I guess not but I am not sure why. Also, as joemellin says, the need for a "spill guard" is unclear. Why not just use a tupperware (as you did) and keep the bottom intact, grease oil or soap it and prize the first half out of the still intact tupperware container? The way I had envisioned is1) fill a tupperware half full with plaster2) Press in an object well greased. 3) (Thanks to you) Add some straws for pouring and some small objects around the half submerged object for the "lego-like" fit. 4) Wait till solid. Grease/oil/soap again and pour on another half of plaster. I am not sure of the need for the playdough.

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