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  • Easily Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes Inside or Outside (without an Air Pump)

    How are the tomatoes pollinated inside? Manually or with pollinator spray? Lost my 18 yearold garden 2 years ago when new owners took over the apartment complex where I live. We can't even have a potted plant or a lawn chair outside anymore so I miss my delicious, money saving veggies. You really don't realize how much $ you save in the summer growing your own veggies. I live in what used to be zone 8 and is now zone 9 so we have an extended growing season. To be a gardener without a garden is indeed sad.

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  • Make an all purpose organic pesticide from vegetables

    If you have gardened at all you know you don't want to kill everything in your soil which per the intro to this instructable states this concoction with do. I honor my worms I don't want them dead so I would never even attempt to use this. My go to spray is dish soap, water and cayenne pepper in a spray bottle. This is tried and true by millions of gardeners for decades if not longer. This you control where it get sprayed and what gets sprayed.

    Don't use it!!! You don't want to kill everything in you soil. Basically you don't want to kill anything in you soil. Most pests are above ground feasting on your tender plants. If you do not have a problem with nematodes in your soil I would do nothing but cultivate it and add compost.

    Not according to the introduction to the instructable. I believe the poster must be a gardening novice. Worms are our friends!!

    Well sorry too hear you have so many different pest inside your home. You may want to seal some of the entry points with caulking and make sure everyone closes the doors when coming in or out. But using this in such confined quarters, well maybe you have more square footage then most, would be bad. The smell would not be good for me, but of course I'm not you. The capsaicin from the peppers would burn my eyes and nasal passages. Again I'm not you. I adore my plants both inside and out so I won't be poisoning them or myself anytime soon. This just has too many unnecessary ingredients in it. I've been a Certified Master Gardener since Spring 2001. I capitalized the CMG because that's the way it is on my certification and on my CMG badge. I'm just saying.

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