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  • Jet Propelled Radio Controlled Duck

    I built one about 20 years ago myself. I didn't know this was such a popular idea. :) My duck was styrofoam and I used a brushed 540 motor with a shaft, prop, and rudder from an RC boat. The head and neck were plastic and moveable so I connected the steering servo to the rudder and the neck so the head would turn when I steered my duck. I told my girlfriend one day I was tired of mowing grass and wanted to install fake grass. She said what about the animals? I said I would just get fake animals to put out there too. She said, but they don't move.... and the duck was born. I never did install fake grass or make any other moving animals though... :)

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  • Remote Control Blinds for $20

    I am still using the same motors. We open and close them daily and they are working fine. I did add a motor to the 3rd window and upgraded the controller to a 6 channel unit to do all 3 windows. I think it added about $10 to the project.

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  • Hey Ricardo,If you look at the 1st picture in step 3 you will notice the motors are connected to the B terminal. The 6V + is applied to the A terminal noted by the red wire and the 6V - is applied to the C terminal noted by the blue wire. After using them for a few weeks I upgraded to another controller that had 6 relays that let me do all 3 of my windows and only cost $15. I used the 12V power brick for the controller and the motors when I installed the new controller and so far they have not had any problems with the additional voltage. They open and close the blinds a lot quicker too.

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