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  • tscott222 commented on theoblackadder's instructable Porthole sign2 years ago
    Porthole sign

    I saw something like this once with a flat screen behind, playing a loop of ocean waves as seen through a porthole!

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  • tscott222 commented on JosephR25's instructable Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray3 years ago
    Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

    Great Instructable. Poo pouri works great but it is rather pricy if you are a big user. Re: someone's comment on a "sonic poo pourri" device to " muffle/ silence the noises in the toilet " I bet there is an Arduino experimenter just waiting for this idea. In Japan they have sonic devices on the walls of (some) public ladies' restrooms that produce the sounds of wind, surf, babbling brooks, and other nature sounds. They developed them as water saving devices because sensitive Japanese ladies would turn on the water in the sink before entering the stall... Massive water wastage in their large population.

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