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  • tstocks commented on tstocks's instructable Butterscotch Mead

    How did it turn out?

    It should be ready to drink as you bottle it up, but I thought it was nicer being a bit fizzy - it will be pretty much flat when siphoning it out. I think I bottled it for a little longer than two weeks with the carbonation drops. I drank it all around Christmas/New Year so it can't have been in the bottles too long. I was not an expert when I made this by any means. I used plastic bottles... some were a little lively when opening so watch out for that!

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  • tstocks commented on tstocks's instructable Butterscotch Mead

    Hi, sorry for the delay in replying - yes, this is British gallons. I used 2 packs of 135g sweets. I wish I'd have weighed them before adding so I could have provided more useful information. Did you try this out in the end? I'd love to know how it worked out for you. My batch ended up really nice... perhaps a bit too sweet. Although I found out a little later that I am extremely lactose intolerant so I haven't been able to make it again! I'm not sure how much of the lactose makes it through fermenting though, but I haven't wanted to chance it.

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