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  • Well, it took a while, but my old Coleman is back. My friend ended up using some sort of foam filler to patch the hole, and it appears to be holding so far. If it doesn't, I'll just go back to my old method. I don't know that this boat will get a lot of use, as I do have a far newer, and better, Old Town, but the old red tub has a lot of memories pooled up in it. We'll probably need it when we go paddling as a family, as the three of us are now a bit much for one canoe since my girl is growing so fast.

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  • velojym commented on HTWTUSA's instructable DIY MREs.....a Tutorial...

    I used to hit Wendy's for chili at lunch, and my co-worker (armored car) always asked me to bring out some extra chili seasoning packets. He loved the stuff on his tuna pouches.

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  • velojym commented on player2756's instructable Camping Hot Tub

    I like this. I've considered toting around a 6 seat inflatable hot tub, with the heater/pump and stuff, and that's still on top of my list, but I really do like this idea, and may well try it in the right conditions. Folks who say nay for the sake of saying "nay".... I don't even bother listening to them. :)

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  • I was considering doing this as a way to get out of I.T. and into something I enjoy more. To gain experience, my thought was to load some tools and parts into my little wagon, mount my bike rack (works great as a work stand) to the back, and go to some of the cycling events, charity/century rides, etc. in the area. I'd only really charge for parts and materials at first, with maybe a tip bucket handy. I have some experience providing ride support from about a decade ago, and work on my own bikes, but would want to brush a little of the rust off before pursuing a more businesslike model.

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