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16CommentsTasmania, Australia
Retired early due to Parkinson's disease. Always making things that are supposed to make my life easier. Often with the opposite result!
  • ______ the DIY Laserline ______

    Point beam through a cylindrical lens. I proved this to myself with the only thing I had handy that was even close: a clear LED.

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  • Smooth Potentiometer Input

    A well-explained article. Note: link at the end is dead.

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  • wbarrows1 commented on Omni DIY's instructable Making Rheoscopic Fluid
    Making Rheoscopic Fluid

    At the joint NASA/Australian government Tidbinbilla deep space tracking station just outside Canberra I saw a very large globe filled with rheoscopic fluid, which could be turned to produce swirling patterns very much like the clouds of Jupiter. I have wanted to make one for years. This Christmas, I am going to make a bunch of 'baubles' using spherical plastic bottles and hang them on the tree. But because time is short I will cheat and buy suitable shampoo for them. But, here's a challenge: How would I go about creating LAYERS of different colour fluid in the globe?

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      • IR Thermometer for Sleep
      • OldMan and Bluetooth4
      • OldMan and Bluetooth3
  • wbarrows1 commented on msuzuki777's instructable LOG Monitor Swing Arm
    LOG Monitor Swing Arm

    This is exactly the kind of thing I would build. I am in a similar situation to the author. I appeciate the honesty about the shortcomings, but as I said- this is exactly the kind of thing I would build - complete with shortcomings. And I thank you for doing this so I don't have to try. Right now I am trying to find a way to mount an all-in-one PC on an arm that can swing out in front of my arm chair. The PC is heavier than a regular monitor, so the solution needs to be much heavier duty but I have no doubt if I had not seen this approach I might have tried it and failed. Currently I have the PC fixed onto a modified trolley table that was designed for bed-bound people. But it is awkward.

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  • Install Node.js and Npm on Raspberry Pi

    I used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server edition.

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  • The FastLED files are what is called a "Library". If your library is not in the right place, as is indicated by the error message you should also notice that the word FastLED and other words are not colored in your Arduino sketch editor window.Assuming you are using Windows, You should find a folder called "libraries" in the Arduino folder in your Documents folder. Put the FastLED folder and it's contents in there. Open your StrangerThings.ino sketch. The first thing you should notice is that the word FastLED is now colored. Then it should compile.

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  • Great instructable. If you can improve the final step by detailing a way to get holes drilled precisely then I would be using this process a lot. I could not drill an accurate series of holes for an IC in an 8 pin DIP, let alone any of the packages I might use with many more pins than this.

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  • I thought about using drawer slides, but since CNC machines make a mess I figured the slides would easily become clogged. Has that been a problem for you? I just tested moving a gantry using M6 1mm pitch threaded rod from my local hardware store. I wanted to be able to turn the rod once to move the thing 1mm. I found that 100 turns moves the gantry 103mm. Not accurate enough for me. Has this affected anyone else's plans?

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  • Correct me if I am wrong, but if I want a program on the arduino to control the speed of the motor, then the potentiometer is completely irrelevant? I say this, because another instructable shows how to control DC motor speed with a potentiometer, but no arduino. I'm not sure what is gained by directly controlling the motor speed using an arduino AND a potentiometer.

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