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  • Will do!'preciate your time, effort and sharing your knowledge.Warren

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  • Any precaution's or advice on using this technique on thin brass?I have a glass lamp shade framed with 3/4" wide thin brass that holds the glass pieces and several joints of the brass have come un-fastened.Any & all advice will be appreciated.Thank you for the well done, informative & "cool" video.

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  • wcemail commented on kludge77's instructable Milliput Bowl Inlay

    I believe Miliput was first used to repair ceramic items and it is fantastic for that purpose. It sands well and is easy to shape and takes a finish really well. As far as the age or dryness of the wood, there are two approaches. You can turn green wood very easy. Turn the green wood to a rough shape of your finished project then coat it with wax or some type sealer. Then place it in a paper sack along with the shavings and let it dry slowly for up to a year. Check the moisture content with a quality moisture meter and try to shoot for 10%-15%. Dry wood can be turned but you will be sharpening your chisels more often. Ton's of video's on YouTube about wood turning.

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  • wcemail commented on diycreators's instructable Concrete Candle Holder

    Warren from Alabama wrote:I followed your plans and got fantastic results. Thanks for posting this technique. I did vibrate the wet cement and "avoided" the "voids."I will experiment with concrete dye with my next project. Thanks again, Warren

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