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  • Make a Wing Bolt From a Plastic Bottle

    I realize that it would be overkill to have ratcheting PVC pipe cutters on hand just in case you wanted to make a wingbolt, but if you happened to have them for the intended purpose of cutting PVC, they work great for cutting the necks off plastic bottles

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  • Ink Removal From Soda Cans

    In the US, I know that the ink from Pepsi Cans is much easier to scratch and remove than that of Coke cans. I haven't tried it (I actually want the color of the cans for my artwork), but I imagine you can just use acetone on a Pepsi can and remove the color, without the extra step of the pressure cooker. Or maybe a wet Magic Eraser would work.... In any case, nice Instructable for those that want just the shiny silver can.

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