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  • Turn an Exercise Bike Into an Energy Bike

    There are numerous energy bikes that have come out since I posted this Instructable. Google energy bicycle generator or energy bike and you’ll find numerous ones available. Many are cheap and inefficient, but are conveniently portable. I haven’t followed the market for energy bikes, so I can’t tell you which would fit your needs.

    It’s been done.

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  • Thanks! Using an energy bike to power a relay and switch TV power on is a nice idea. I’ve used mine to run a small TV, but it can be quite a workout. I used a high quality DC servo motor to maximize mechanical-to-electrical conversion efficiency.

    You can only generate about 100 Watts/hr. 10 hours of cycling would give you 1 kWh. The average home uses about 20-30 kWh/day. It’s more practical for energy education and charging small battery systems in remote areas.

    I salvaged parts from a recycler, so I spent less than $30. The exercise bike was found on the curb.

    At 100-150 Watts/hr, it would take 6-10 hours to generate 1 kWh. The average home uses 20-30 kWh/day. It would be beneficial in 3rd world countries where a cyclist could recharge a cell phone or battery for LED lights.

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